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Instead Softcups 12 Hour Feminine Protection - 14 Softcups

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Instead Softcups is an FDA-approved, disposable menstrual cup that can be worn comfortably for 12 hours during any activity

Softcup is the next generation of period protection! It's a flexible cup worn internally that collects, rather than absorbs menstrual flow. Softcup gives you 12 hours of leak-proof protection for sleeping, swimming, sports or mess-free sex. It's a comfortable and body-friendly option for women.


  • Can be worn for up to 12 hours
  • Non-drying or irritating
  • So comfortable you can't feel it
  • Go ahead and sleep, work out, play sports or swim
  • Eliminates menstrual odor (flow not exposed to air)
  • Not linked with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
  • Does not contain residues of bleach, pesticides or dioxins

Who Softcup is right for:

  • Menstruating women of any age, with any level of flow (light to heavy, spotting or peri-menopausal)
  • Women who want the convenience and freedom of 12-hour period protection
  • Women who are looking for comfortable period protection
  • Active and busy women
  • Women who want to live life without interruptions

To insert, squeeze the opposite side of the rim together. Insert Softcup completely into the vagina, aiming it back and down. Softcup molds itself to your unique internal shape for a personal fit. To remove Softcup, simply hook your finger under the rim and slowly pull.

Warnings Do not use Softcup if you are using an intrauterine device (IUD), as there is a risk of dislodging, displacing or removing the IUD by pulling on the IUD string when removing Instead. If you have ever had Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), do not use Instead or any other internally worn products. Maximum wear time is twelve (12) hours. Softcup must be changed after twelve (12) hours. Immediately following childbirth, miscarriage, or termination of pregnancy, consult your physician before using Instead. Softcup is not a contraceptive and does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. See instructions in package for more complete product information and instructions for use.

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