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Professional Formulas, Northwest Regional Allersode - 2 Ounces

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Provides factors that mitigate hypersensitivity to common allergies of the Northwest.

Direction of use as a homeopathic supplement, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts:


Adrenal 3X, 4X, ACTH 6X, 30X, Histamine 12X, Liver 6X, 12X, Alder mix, Cedar mix, Cottonwood mix, English plantain, Lambs quarter, Ocean spray, Pigweed mix, Scotchbroom, Thistle mix, Birch mix, Cocklebur, Cypress mix, Orchard, Kentucky blue grass, Meadow fescue, Pine mix, Italian rye, Perennial rye, Snowberry, Wood smoke, all at 6X, 12X, 60X, 100X, purified water, 20% USP alcohol. 2 oz

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