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Progressive Labs, Alkalizing Greens Blend - 7.4 oz Powder

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Alkalizing Green Blend is fermented, which helps to "pre-digest" complex foods by breaking them down into more readily absorbable amino acids and simpler sugars. Supplementation with Alkalizing Greens Blend helps your body achieve optimal pH, contains antioxidant equivalent of more than 6 servings of vegetables (ORAC equivalent), and contains probiotic fiber for optimal digestive function.

Mix 1 scoop (7 grams) with 8 ounces of water or juice, stir briskly and drink.


Amount Per Serving





Total Carbohydrate

5 g


Dietary Fiber

1 g



1 g


Organic Greens Blend
Fermented Grass Blend (Barley, Oat, Wheat, Alfalfa), Spirulina, Chlorella Broken Cell Wall, Dulse

2.3 g


Organic Fiber Blend
Inulin, Flax Seed Fiber

1.3 g


Organic Vegetable Blend
Kale, Carrot, Parsley, Broccoli, Spinach

1.2 g


Organic Fruit Blend
Apple. Apple Fiber, Blueberry, Black Currant

1.1 g


Antioxidant and Alkalizing Spice Blend
OxyPhyte® Green Tea Leaf
Extract, OxyPhyte® Apple
Extract, OxyPhyte® Grape Seed
Extract, Organic Ginger root,
Organic Tumeric Root,
Organic Cinnamon Bark Extract

523 mg


Enzyme Blend
Protease, Amylase, Bromelain, Cellulase, Lactase, Papain, Lipase

75 g


Probiotic Blend
L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. casei, L. rhamnosus

10 mg


**Daily Value not established


Other Ingredients

Organic Flavors, Rebaudioside A (from Organic Stevia rebaudiana leaf). Contains: Wheat (Wheatgrass)

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