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Blue Poppy Pediatrics

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Blue Poppy Enterprises was born from the vision to address an important need in the early years of our AOM profession: Books about TCM in English. In those days there were almost no written materials for students, and so Blue Poppy started a publishing house and built an impressive catalog of books. Bob and Honora also began offering educational seminars to augment the meager education available at the few schools that existed.


When the lack of educational materials was no longer a burning issue, Blue Poppy moved on to address another problem: Quality herb materials and formulas that addressed the unique complaints of American patients. And so Blue Poppy herbal products were conceived and born. The Blue Poppy herbal product lines now include:


  • * concentrated traditional formulas in tablets and capsules
  • * pediatric liquid formulas
  • * effective topical formulas
  • * unique formulations based on modern Chinese research
  • * new ground-breaking, excipient-free granules that feature many single herbs and more formulas than most other brands
*new customer please register to create a new account and contact us by email regarding the free consultation. Existing customer please login for consultation details. Blue Poppy Herbal Supplement requires you to be under the care of a healthcare professional or practitioner.  Blue Poppy Herbal Supplement continues to be a respected force in the homeopathic and nutritional fields with its cutting edge medical and healthcare supplements and products.

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