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webber naturals Coenzyme Q10 200 mg - 45 Softgels

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The intense focus of international clinical studies, CoQ10 continues to amaze researchers. The body's natural production of CoQ10 declines with age. In addition, production of CoQ10 can be suppressed by certain medications. For optimum health, supplementation may be necessary.

  • Supports heart health
  • Needed by cells to produce energy
  • Offers antioxidant protection against free radical damage
  • Enhances CoQ10 levels as we age
  • Higher dosages may be needed to compensate for age-related decline or for statin drug use health

"It is being hailed by scientists as one of the brightest antioxidants around for postponing aging… It's unsure how much you need, but it seems certain that taking in more than your body produces may help defeat the ravages of aging and even prolong life. Thus you may be aging far too rapidly because your cells don't get enough coenzyme Q10." – Jean Carper in Stop Aging Now

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is required by every cell in our body and is key to the chemical reactions that produce cellular energy. An automobile engine with poor spark plugs will sputter and choke with carbon. Like a cellular spark plug, CoQ10 ignites the cell's oxygen to produce energy. If our cells don't burn oxygen properly, damaging compounds such as free radicals (abnormal oxygen molecules) are formed. A misfiring automobile will eventually break down. Similarly, insufficient CoQ10 can break down our health. An antioxidant and free radical quencher (these are essentially the same, so sounds like it's repeating itself), CoQ10 protects us while maintaining cellular energy.

In scientific circles, Coenzyme Q10 is called ubiquinone, derived from ubiquitous, which means "everywhere at the same time". The name is appropriate because every cell in our body requires CoQ10, so it is required for ideal health. However, as we age, body stores of CoQ10 diminish. Some theorize that increasing CoQ10 as we grow older may be beneficial to our health.

CoQ10 soaks up free radicals with such dispatch that it can take its place next to the other heavyweight antioxidants: vitamins C, E, the carotenoids, and selenium. Just like vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 is particularly good at supporting healthy cholesterol already in the normal range.

In addition to less production of CoQ10 as we age, certain medications can interfere with the body’s production of CoQ10. Because CoQ10 is critical for muscle energy and function throughout the body, supplementation may be needed.

Please note: this is international products, it might take 1-2 week to arrived USA.

Recommended Dosage (Adults): 1 softgel daily or as directed by a physician. For product freshness protect from heat and humidity.

Nutrition Facts Serving Size : 1 SoftgelServing per Container : 45 Amount Per Serving % Daily value* Coenzyme Q10 200 mg Ingredients Rice Bran Oil , Softgel CapsuleGelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Carob , Natural Vitamin E , Medium Chain TriglyceridesCoconut , Soy Lecithin

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